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OptiCept & OptiCap

OptiCept-processing equipment & OptiCap cartridges

OptiCeptTM consists of a number of pieces of equipment that together forms our unique process. Our product OptiCap is an important part of this process. OptiCap is a powder cartridge filled with a mixture of natural additives that is uniquely developed for every product treated by the OptiCeptTM process. Each cartridge has specific concentrations and compounds required for reaching an optimal result for each different type of processed product.

Vacuum impregnation system

It treats products with a very accurately controlled pressure to replace air in vegetables, fruits and other plants with an optimized amount of ingredient.


The mixer blends powder from the OptiCap cartridge and fresh water into a solution. The OptiCap-powder is poured into a funnel and is quickly blended with the water.

Vacuum chamber

The products are placed in boxes and are inserted into the chamber. Vacuum is introduced and the chamber is filled and emptied with a solution.

PEF System

It treats products continuously in a water flow with high voltage pulses. The products are fed with a conveyor into the water. After the treatment the water is separated from the products with a conveyor. Products can be collected in boxes or with a following conveyor belt. The water flow and water level is regulated. The water conductivity is controlled.