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Innovative technology that boosts the freshness of flowers

Cut flowers that have been treated with the OptiBoost™ technology gain several advantages. The most prominent one is that the life expectancy of the flowers is increased through the technology. After the process they are boosted with energy and natural ingredients which makes them stay fresh longer in the vase. An OptiBoosted flower looks better for a longer time!

The flower with improved quality that stays fresh for days longer!

What are the benefits of OptiBoost™?

  • Longer vaselife of the flowers
  • Better opening rate
  • Enhanced colouring of the flower as well as greener leaves

What to expect from OptiBoost™ sealed flowers?

Flower species have different strengths and vase lives. Even rose varieties differ in terms of quality and vase life. Transportation, handling and storage conditions are all factors that affect the difference in quality from week to week. So, what can we expect from OptiBoost™?

OptiBoost™ treatment makes a significant improvement. After carrying out trials on thousands of roses, we see the following results:

  • Better opening
  • Longer vase life – an average increase of 50 %
  • Fresher green leaves
  • Better colour

This is a good example of OptiBoost™ treated roses. The results vary between different varieties (this video shows a high quality variety called Red Freedom) and it also depends on conditions like storage, handling, season and transportation.

The OptiBoost™ technology

The OptiBoost™ method impregnates natural ingredients into the flowers stem and green leaves. The technology and the machine, OptiCept™, used during the process are unique and designed for treating plant materials like cut flowers and flower cuttings.

The leaves get a darker colouring after the OptiBoost™ treatment. This is only temporarily, when the flowers are taken out of the fridge the colour goes back to normal. This is a proof and a sign of quality that the flower has gone through the OptiBoost™-process.

Based on years of research

The innovative technology behind OptiBoost™ is a result of years of dedicated work both at Lund University and OptiFreeze AB in Sweden. OptiFreeze's advanced technology can be used to preserve freshness of a wide range of products such as vegetables, herbs, fruit, flower cuttings and now cut flowers.

Please look for the OptiBoost seal on flowers

The story behind beautiful roses with longer vaselife

OptiBoost™ is created by the team at OptiFreeze AB aiming to approach producers, wholesalers, retailers, florists and most importantly the end users, the consumers.

When OptiFreeze started with a patented technology, the aim was to imitate what nature does itself on leafy vegetables. Some leafy vegetables like winter grass can stay alive and green through the minus degrees in winter. The question was how to be able to keep frozen vegetables like spinach leaves as fresh as possible even after freezing and thawing them? We managed to mimic nature’s own method with our technology on how to strengthen products to better withstand freezing.

During the work when we were trying, testing, and developing the technology we noticed that treated products could stay longer in the fridge without spoilage. So as a result, we found yet another use of our technology, a possibility to extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables.

More applications areas found

At the same time as we were working on our technology for frozen and fresh products, our research team at Lund university had started to investigate the possibility of applying the same technology to dried products. The results were very good. We could reduce the drying time for vegetables and herbs and at the same time improve the quality of dried products.

We were focused on working with technical and methodical development of processes for treating food at OptiFreeze when a student, Maria Hellström from SLU university, asked if we could apply this technology on cuttings. Cuttings have a noticeably short time from harvest until they must be planted again. If the OptiFreeze technology could improve the life expectancy of cuttings it would lead to a more sustainable way of plant-propagation. Our technology proved itself once again. Our project aroused great interest which took us into the flower industry and a collaboration agreement with Syngenta, one of the biggest players on the market.

A game-changer on the market!

Our followers and investors often commented that they would like us to test our technology on cut flowers. We started the initial trials in 2019 and were incredibly pleased when we saw the first result. What began as a research project for preserving leafy products through freezing and thawing, now proved to have amazing results for cut flowers! We are now ready to enter and change the cut flower industry with our innovative and unique OptiBoost™!

Enjoy your flowers!

OptiFreeze AB