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For Flower Cuttings

A revolutionizing technology for the flower industry

The OptiFlower technology combines vacuum impregnation (VI) and pulsed electric field (PEF) to prolong the life time of plant cuttings prior to planting.

There are numerous benefits for the horticulture industry generated by the OptiFlower method. The increased storage time might lead to more flexible, cheaper and more environmentally friendly transportation. The logistics, both at the production farm and at the customer site (greenhouses in Europe), can be significantly improved. The production peaks can be managed better since cuttings can be harvested in advance and stored. Nowadays, the harvest of plant cuttings is usually determined by the customer demand. Thanks to OptiFlower method the planning can be more efficient, the harvest of plants can be organised based on the number of available personnel or per variety. The waste can be minimized since the unsold varieties can be stored and sold with delay when the market demand increases. OptiFlower method also improves the quality of the cuttings. The general appearance, turgidity and structure after storage, as well as the development and rooting after planting are crucially enhanced.

Advantages of the OptiFlower method

  • Increases the life expectancy of unrooted cuttings
  • Improves rooting after planting
  • Accelerates growth after planting


Pelargonium, Mandevilla, Argyranthemum, Lavandula, Aubrieta, Verbana

*Method can be optimized for new products based on customer needs

Lavandula cuttings after 14 days of storage – Control

Lavandula cuttings after 14 days of storage – Treated

Argyranthemum cuttings after 14 days of storage – Control

Argyranthemum cuttings after 14 days of storage – Treated

Mandevilla, young plants

Pelargonium, young plants

The Process of Flower Cuttings


Flower cuttings

For instance pelargonium, mandevilla, lavandula

The OptiCeptTM process

Pulsed electric field (PEF) + vacuum impregnation (VI)


Packing for transport



End user