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Our Customers

Together we preserve freshness and reduce waste

OptiFreeze provide food processors and the plant industry with solutions based on innovative and patented technology together with breakthrough methods. Our unique technology and machines improve colour, structure, smell, taste and shelf life of products like cut flowers and cuttings as well as fruits and vegetables.

Together with our customers and partners we lead the path to a healthy, sustainable and gentle way of preserving and reducing food and plant waste.

We are proud to say that we do this together!

A.P.H. Svenska AB

A.P.H. was founded in 1899 and is today Sweden's leading flower importer. As one of the first players in Europe, A.P.H. has since 1991 imported directly from rose plantations in Kenya - today the world's largest exporter of roses. In 2019, A.P.H. imported over 50 million roses from producers in Kenya.

A.P.H. also imports cut flowers and greenery from other important production areas like the Netherlands, Colombia, Ethiopia, Ecuador, Italy, Israel and France.

OptiFreeze’s agreement with A.P.H. confirms our business model and means we will install a machine at one of A.P.H. facilities. A.P.H. will pay OptiFreeze for the flower treatments performed according to the OptiBoostTM method. In addition to the commercial agreement, an agreement has also been reached that A.P.H. will act as an ambassador and reference facility for our future customers.

For more information about A.P.H. Svenska, visit www.aph.se.

Dagab AB

Dagab is a leading market player when it comes to warehousing and deliveries of groceries to the Scandinavian market. Dagab has been part of the Axfood Group since 2000 and later became Axfood's logistics company. Axfood Group is one of Sweden´s largest players in the grocery market with brands like Willy's, Hemköp, Eurocash and Mat.se. Axfood is listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm Stock Exchange. Dagab has in total about 400 own stores and stores together with Axfood, including two full-range warehouses in Gothenburg and Stockholm and two complementary warehouses in Borlänge and Jönköping. Dagab has about 1,000 employees.

Dagab supplies about 6,000 stores with flowers, a fact that is of great strategic importance for OptiFreeze’s agreement and partnership with the company. In the first stage, Dagab will have roses treated with OptiBoostTM from the OptiFreeze facility in Lund for evaluation. If Dagab is satisfied with the evaluation, they may decide to provide its stores with OptiBoost-treated flowers. With OptiBoostTM, OptiFreeze has succeeded in extending the shelf life of roses by at least 50 percent at room temperature together with improved color and freshness.

For more information about Dagab, visit www.axfood.se.

MM Flowers Ltd.

MM Flowers was established in 2007 to provide the leading UK retailers with a transparent, sustainable and innovative interface between the grower and the retailer like Tesco, Sainsburys and Waitrose and Marks & Spencer.

MM Flowers has now grown into a large enterprise, sourcing globally and serving the best UK and European retail. Strong ethical and environmental credentials ensure that all the company’s products are known to be from the world’s most sustainable growers.

OptiFreeze’s partnership with MM Flowers consists of several stages. In the first one, MM Flowers will send roses from their own plantations in Kenya to Lund for treatment and evaluation. In the next stage, they will have the opportunity to test the OptiBoostTM method in their own facilities in the UK. If the test period is successful, MM Flowers will be offered to buy or rent our machines for producing roses treated with OptiBoostTM. The roses will then be available on the UK market through MM Flower’s partners.

For more information about MM Flowers, visit www.mm-flowers.com.

Prebona AB

Prebona is a materials technology company that develops, markets and sells functional, environmentally friendly and cost-effective materials and coatings within the business areas AirCare, SurfaceCare and its subsidiary Prebona HealthCare AB. With Prebona's cutting-edge technologies, material properties can be controlled at near atomic level. Located in Simrishamn in Southern Sweden, Prebona has developed several interesting products, including in the growing disinfection market. Prebona is listed on the Spotlight Stock Market. OptiFreeze will evaluate Prebona's products in combination with our unique technology with the ambition to further extend the life of flowers and plants. The collaboration will be conducted within the framework of the existing agreements that both companies have with global market player Syngenta Flowers.

For more information about Prebona, visit www.prebona.com.


Syngenta is a global and world-leading agricultural group with over 28,000 employees in about 90 countries. Global sales amounted to 13.6 billion USD in 2019. The company was founded in 2000 and today has its global headquarter in Basel, Switzerland, with offices and plants all over the world including Sweden.

Syngenta supplies two main types of products adapted for a sustainable and profitable plant cultivation: seeds and plant protection.

In February 2019, OptiFreeze entered a strategic partnership with Syngenta Flowers. The partnership is based on using OptiFreeze’s method to extend the shelf life of cuttings and cut flowers. The co-operation with Syngenta has enormous potential in our opinion with the aim to together with Syngenta make the OptiBoostTM method the global market standard.

For more information about Syngenta, visit www.syngenta.com.

deTulp AB

deTulp is a Swedish flower wholesaler founded in 1948 in Malmö by Holger Helbrink. The company imports cut flowers and potted plants from the best producers around the world in combination with carefully selected Swedish-grown products. deTulp has grown rapidly during the years, and is now one of Sweden's largest importers. deTulp only works with certified producers and collaborates with recognized organizations such as Fairtrade, Fair Flowers Fair Plants, Florverde, FlorEcuador. Today, the focus is much on Africa and what has become the company's real bestseller - roses from Kenya. OptiFreeze’s agreement with deTulp means that deTulp will test and evaluate our latest technology OptiBoostTM for the treatment of roses on an industrial scale.

For more information about deTulp, visit www.detulp.se.