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2017-12-20, 15.12 (CET)

Eda Demir new OptiFreeze CEO


Eda Demir will assume the position of new OptiFreeze CEO starting January 1st, 2018.

Eda is currently the Company Head of Production Development and has been with the company since the beginnings in 2014. During the fall Eda Demir has focused increasingly on market and customer relations issues. She has a solid technical background and vast knowledge of the technology and its implementation within various customer segments. Eda Demir states,

”I am very happy and tremendously motivated to accept the position of OptiFreeze CEO. I have been part of this company since the very beginning and have worked within product and method development, upscaling, customer relations and product commercialization. As CEO I will lead the company towards full commercialization and fulfilling the company targets set. We will also be developing new application areas, as well as addressing new markets.”

Katarzyna Dymek will succeed Eda as new Head of Development. Katarzyna has also been with the company since the beginning and is one of the scientists behind the OptiFreeze concept.

Göran Hedbys will resume the position of Chairman and will also act as an advisor to Eda in her new position. Göran Hedbys states,

”The Board is very happy with Eda accepting the challenge of leading OptiFreeze during this intense development stage. Her high competences will be vital for building customer relations as well as for selling. As previously notified, the current OptiFreeze focus will be on sales and marketing, and Eda will head the company in that direction while at the same time having additional sales resources at her disposal. Eda has lately been driving the customers where we now do and plan industrial testing.”

For more information, please contact

Göran Hedbys, CEO of OptiFreeze AB                   
Phone: +46 735 29 95 444
E-mail: goran.hedbys@optifreeze.se

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