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2017-03-30, 15.00 (CEST)

Appointment of new Managing Director in OptiFreeze AB


The Optifreeze board has appointed Nick Kramer as new CEO starting April 10th. For most of his career, Nick has been involved in the food industry, amongst others at Royal Vezet B.V., a leading fresh-cut fruit and vegetable producer in Holland with over 1,400 employees.

Nick has vast experience in the food industry, most recently as Managing Director at Vezet Convenience AB. Nick is co-owner of the following companies: Royal Vezet B.V., Dutch market leader in fresh-cut fruit and vegetables, meal salads, fresh meals, and fresh pizzas, and one of the largest fresh-cut fruit and vegetable processing companies worldwide; Tuinderij Vers B.V., another Dutch fresh-cut vegetable company; Vidinge Grönt AB, one of Scandinavia’s largest fresh-cut vegetable processing companies; Klar.AS, a Norwegian fresh-cut vegetable processing company; and G. Kramer & Zonen B.V., market leader in the Dutch, Belgian, and Swedish Sauerkraut market. Furthermore, Nick is a board member of the Dutch holding companies Eendracht Beheer B.V. and De Bubs B.V.. 

Nick has a commercial background with many years of experience in the processed fruit and vegetable market. This experience is needed as OptiFreeze moves to the commercialization phase. Nick sees great business opportunities for OptiFreeze. The main goal is to start selling the OptiFreeze solutions as soon as possible.

- I am very excited to take on the CEO position as I believe in the business potential of OptiFreeze’s solutions. The solutions can improve taste and reduce waste, which is greatly appreciated by future customers and consumers. I believe that the OptiFreeze technology can be an industry changer. I would like to thank my predecessor Fredrik Westman and his team for all their hard work in the previous years. It is a privilege to be appointed as new CEO, and my main occupation will be to sell the OptiFreeze solutions. Subsequently, the focus will be on developing the potential markets and customers. Although some further research is needed in some application areas, I have seen that the OptiFreeze solutions are almost ready to implement in some other areas, especially in the fresh-cut industry, says Nick Kramer.

- I am very pleased to announce that we have been able to get Nick on board. His commercial profile and knowledge of relevant markets is exactly what we need to take OptiFreeze to the next level. Together with the OptiFreeze team, we now have a balanced mix of technical expertise and sales drive, says Göran Hedbys, Chairman of the Board, OptiFreeze AB.

For more information, please contact:

Göran Hedbys, Chairman of the Board  OptiFreeze AB

Cell phone: +46 735 299 544

E-post: ghedbys@gmail.com

Denna information är sådan information som OptiFreeze AB  är skyldigt att offentliggöra enligt EU:s marknadsmissbruksförordning. Informationen lämnades, genom ovanstående kontaktpersons försorg, för offentliggörande den 7 mars 2017.

OptiFreeze AB has patented technology that enhances taste, shape and texture of vegetables, fruit and herbs, and that can be guaranteed by a freezing and de-freezing process. The company has also developed a method that can improve shelf life of chilled processed fruits and vegetables. The same technology can be used to dry herbs, while enhancing taste, smell and color. The technology provides new business opportunities for producers and distributors, but also for food processors all around the globe. The natural sugars used in the process regenerate cells, which enhances the taste, shape, texture and shelf life. OptiFreeze is the result of a long period of research at the Institute of Food Technology at the University of Lund. The company is situated in Lund, Sweden and is listed at the AktieTorget stock exchange.

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