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2017-06-09, 16.51 (CEST)

New Website and CorporateGoals


Today the new OptiFreeze corporate website has been launched. The website contains information about the team, vision and mission, market segments, product benefits, process, business model, goals and various videos.

As indicated in the last quarterly report the new Vacuum Impregnation (VI) and Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) generation IV prototypes have been ordered from KISAB (SEK 300k) and Ångpanneföreningen (SEK 800k). Both are expected to arrive in the beginning of July. The PEF generator from Arc Aroma Pure AB (publ) has been delivered in December last year, so in July the OptiFreeze team will start extensively test the prototype, first at the OptiFreeze facility and subsequently at customers’ facilities. The capacity of the prototypes is over 1,000 kilos of processed fruit and vegetables per hour. This is the quantity required for large fruit and vegetable processors.

After the testing period the intention is to start the commercialization of the OptiCept™ processing equipment and OptiCap™ cryoprotective cartridges as soon as possible. Therefore, the medium term OptiFreeze goals have been defined as follows:

2018: install 2 OptiCept™ processing systems

2019: install another 4 OptiCept™ processing systems

2020: reach break-even result

2022: generate SEK 12M net sales per month, realize 25% EBIT

For more information, please contact:

Nick Kramer, CEO OptiFreeze AB

Phone : +46 46 15 2300

E-post: nick.kramer@optifreeze.se

OptiFreeze AB is obliged to make this information public as per the EU market abuse regulation.  

OptiFreeze AB has patented technology that enhances taste, shape and texture of vegetables, fruit and herbs, and that can be guaranteed by a freezing and de-freezing process. The company has also developed a method that can improve shelf life of chilled processed fruits and vegetables. The same technology can be used to dry herbs, while enhancing taste, smell and colour. The technology provides new business opportunities for producers and distributors, but also for food processors all around the globe. The natural sugars used in the process regenerate cells, which enhances the taste, shape, texture and shelf life. OptiFreeze is the result of a long period of research at the Institute of Food Technology at the University of Lund. The company is situated in Lund, Sweden and is listed at the AktieTorget stock exchange.

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