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2017-12-21, 14.29 (CET)

OptiFreeze receives an acknowledgement for another industrial test


OptiFreeze has received an acknowledgment for a full scale industrial test program with a leading flower cutting supplier. This is a direct result of successful tests carried out on the client products during the fall, tests that were carried out at OptiFreeze. Should the next testing phase be successful, a commercial purchase agreement will be signed.

The flower cutting industry suffers from great wastage due to the short product lifespan. With the OptiCept technology, the lifespan increases from 4 to 11 days. This means an optimized supply chain and vast cost savings. Also, the plant will grow faster during the initial weeks, resulting in a better product.

During the fall, the concept was verified on the client products at OptiFreeze. In Lund, the collaboration will now enter its next phase by the parties signing a full-scale industrial test agreement. The tests will be carried out in January and February of 2018 at both the OptiFreeze and the client facilities. The tests are partially financed by the customer.

Göran Hedbys, OptiFreeze CEO, states,

”The OptiFlower customer segment is one of three on which we put the most emphasis. The industry interest has been tremendous, and in addition, the number of customer contacts has increased further after us having proven scalability. As a result, we are working hard to increase our sales capacity. We can see neither market obstructions to us introducing our technology, nor competitors within this customer segment. We have great hopes that the tests will be successful and that we then will be able to introduce OptiCept as a flower cuttings delivery chain standard.”

For more information, please contact
Göran Hedbys, CEO of OptiFreeze AB           
Phone: +46 735 29 95 444
E-mail: goran.hedbys@optifreeze.se

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