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2020-11-04, 09.18 (CET)

OptiBoost™ is now on the market!

After years of research and after treating thousands of roses, we have now launched OptiBoost™ on the market! It is the first brand based on OptiFreeze’s technology that is reaching full commercialization. We take great pride when we see roses with the OptiBoost™-seal on the shelves.

During our research at OptiFreeze, we discovered that the OptiFreeze technology works very well on cut flowers. We trademarked this process as OptiBoost™. Roses that have gone through the OptiBoost™ process have improved quality and longer vase life. This means that they have a better opening rate and look fresher both in green leaves and petals. Finally, consumers can enjoy their fresh flowers for longer. For wholesalers and retailers, it means flexibility in terms of handling and storage.

In this edition, you will find the information about "What to expect from OptiBoost™ sealed flowers?"and Consumer Survey results on Optiboost™ treated flowers. 

Enjoy reading it! 

November 4, 2020, Lund