OptiFreeze has extensively worked to develop industrial scale treatment equipments during last year. In summer 2017, we have received the main components of PEF and VI system. Now we received the last two components for Vacuum Impregnation system: a mixer and IBC container for solutions.

We are working on setting up and validating of the complete system. The mixer is going to be used to mix powder mixture with water. The solution will be pumped into IBC container in the middle. From this part the solution will be pumped into VI chamber. After each cycle, certain percentage of used solution will be drained from VI chamber and it will be automatically replaced with fresh solution.

All the above is automatically controlled and pre-programmed into the hardware delivered.

As every product have a unique recipe, Optifreeze will sell bags of pre-mixed powder. The bags will be labeled i.e Rucola, Pineapple and so on.