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OptiFreeze's contribution to a Sustainable World

With the OptiFreeze technology, companies in various application areas can reduce their waste and losses by;


Prolonging the shelf life of goods


Reducing transportation costs and allowing flexibility in logistics


Reducing drying time

… all leading to less waste and a more energy efficient way of production method.

In view of the consumers increasingly pronounced requirements for sustainable production and logistics and the recent focus on comprehensive evaluation process, it is the company's assessment that the OptiFreeze technology will contribute to a sustainable community.

Our environmental efforts do not limit on what we do through our partners only, but we are also environmentally active inside the company. Our mentality is that every small thing matters, therefore, shorting out trash, driving a natural gas car and ordering sensible amounts of fruits, vegetables and cuttings for our tests, based on our needs in order to reduce food waste, are some of the actions that we are happily taking.