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Board & CEO

Ulf Hagman


Ulf Hagman has a mixture of agricultural and business - finance education. He has over 30 years of experience in different management positions within flower wholesale, fruit and vegetable industry. Between 2002-2016, he worked as CFO of the Euroflorist Group which is the largest flower gift company in Europe. From 2016 and today he is working as a management consultant and with different board assignments.

Eda Demir Westman

Vice President and COO

Eda Demir Westman (born 1985) studied Food Technology, Engineering and Nutrition at Lund University. She has been a part of company since the very beginning. She has been working in research, product and method development, upscaling, building customer relations and commercialisation of the products. She has a solid technical background and vast knowledge of the technology and its implementation within various customer segments. Since January 2018, she is taking the responsibility of leading the company towards full commercialization and fulfilling the company targets set.

Martin Linde

Chairman of the Board

M.Sc of Economics at Lund university and an EMBA. Martin Linde has a broad experience, from the food industry to the startup world. He held the position as CEO for food industry companies such as Nordic Foodgroup, Abdonmills Finax in addition to several executive positions in sales, marketing and management. He also held the position as CEO at Arc Aroma Pure AB (publ) and executive positions at Acousort, Biofrigas, SensoDetect and more. Martin’s strength is in commercialization, sales, finance and building corporate structures.

Petr Dejmek

Board Member

Since 2015, Mr Petr Dejmek has been an OptiFreeze board member. Dr Dejmek is a professor emeritus and a former student of engineering in the former Czechoslovakia, process engineering in Germany and food technology in Sweden. Dr Dejmek is the original innovator and inventor behind the patent technology upon which this company rests. Dr Dejmek has product development experience from Alfa Laval in Sweden and Denmark, and has been a Lund University professor since 1989. In total, Dr Dejmek has published over one hundred scientific works.

Other essential, pending commitments:

Board member Speximo AB and Sand Medical AB

Anders Hättmark

Board Member

Mr Anders Hättmark has been an OptiFreeze board member since 2013. Mr Hättmark has vast experience in recruiting leading executives, as well as in company and organization business development. Furthermore, Mr Hättmark is widely connected within the business world, the foodstuffs world and the public sector. The primary focal areas of Mr Hättmark are markets and business development.

Other essential, pending commitments:

Board member Phenoliv AB and Örestadsbyggen AB

Elisabeth Yllfors

Board Member

Mrs Elisabeth Yllfors runs a consulting agency specialized in business and leadership development. Mrs Yllfors has vast experience from the foodstuffs industry, and previously held the position of Nordic Market Director and Acting CEO at Findus. In addition, Mrs Yllfors also held the position of Business Manager at Unilever’s Foodservices in Sweden and Denmark, as well as various market roles within the Nestlé group.

Other essential, pending commitments:

Co-founder FRANK Consulting AB, and CEO of Andeli AB

Federico Gómez Galindo

Deputy Board Member

Dr Federico Gómez Galindo is Associate Professor at Lund University. Dr Gómez is one of the inventors of the Optifreeze patent and is currently active in PEF and vacuum impregnation research. Previously, Dr Gomez also worked within research and development (R&D) in Ecuador.

Johan Möllerström

Deputy Board Member

Mr Johan Möllerström is the CEO of Arc Aroma Pure AB, a company listed on Nasdaq First North. Before Mr Möllerström accepted the role of CEO at Arc Aroma Pure, he was the CEO of Malmberg Water. Under the leadership of Mr Johan Möllerström, Malmberg Water became a market leader within biogas purification. Furthermore, Mr Möllerström has also acted as chairman of the water purification trade association, Varim.

Other essential, pending commitments:

CEO Arc Aroma Pure AB