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A Game Changing Technology

OptiFreeze AB has a patented technology that preserves the taste, shape and texture of vegetables, fruits and berries throughout the freezing and thawing process. OptiFreeze has furthermore developed methods that can improve the shelf life of vegetables, fresh cut fruits, flower cuttings and other plants. The same technology can be used to dry fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices aiming to reduce the drying time while preserving the fresh-like taste, smell and colour. The technology opens new business opportunities for food and plant propagation industry all around the world.

OptiFreeze is the result of a long period of research at the Institute of Food Technology at the University of Lund. The company is situated in Lund, Sweden and is listed at the Nasdaq First North Growth Market.

What are we doing?

Extends shelf life
We extend shelf life and preserve freshness of plants, flower cuttings, cut fruits and vegetables. We reduce the drying time for dried products. We improve quality of frozen food products.

How are we doing it?

The OptiCeptTM processing equipment
We designed the OptiCeptTM processing equipment with pulsed electric field (PEF) and vacuum impregnation (VI).

Why are we doing it?

Contributes to global sustainability
We contribute to global sustainability by reducing waste (food and cuttings) and refining the supply chain.