We preserve freshness and reduce waste

OptiFreeze has a patented technology and machinery for the food and plant industry. Our unique method and machines are for treating postharvest products like cut flowers and cuttings as well as food products like fruits and vegetables.

The main benefits are:

  • Longer vase life or shelf life of the goods
  • Improved quality

OptiBoost™ - Our Brand for Cut Flowers

OptiBoost™ is our brand based on our patented technology for treating cut flowers. After the OptiBoostTM  treatment, the cut flowers gain longer vase life and improved quality. To the retailer and wholesaler this adds flexibility when it comes to storing, handling and transportation. The end-consumer this means more enjoyment of the flowers!

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This is a good example of OptiBoost™ treated roses. The results vary between different varieties (this video shows a high quality variety called Red Freedom) and it also depends on conditions like storage, handling, season and transportation.

Fresh Products

Longer shelf life (100%)
Improved quality

Flowers and Plants

Improved quality
Longer life-time


Frozen Products

Better appearance after freezing

Dried Products

Shorter drying time
Better aroma and structure

The OptiFreeze Process

The unique OptiFreeze process, called OptiCept™, is a processing system consisting of a vacuum impregnation machine and a PEF machine with vegetables, fruits, berries and herbs passing on a conveyor belt.

For a quick overview please check out our process presentation.

OptiFreeze AB (publ) kallar till extra bolagsstämma

Aktieägarna i OptiFreeze AB (publ), org.nr 556844-3914, kallas härmed till extra bolagsstämma den 5 mars 2021 klockan 14.00 att avhållas på OptiFreezes kontor på adress Kalkstensvägen 16, 224 78 Lund.
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OptiFreeze tecknar avtal för skogsindustrin med Mondi South Africa

Avtalet innebär att OptiFreeze tillsammans med Mondi ska utvärdera OptiFreeze-teknologin på sticklingar och småplantor av eukalyptus i syfte att stärka plantan och minska svinn.
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