We preserve freshness and reduce waste

OptiFreeze's offering consists of a patented technology and machinery for the food and plant industry. The method can improve shelf life of fresh cut fruits, vegetables and flower cuttings. The same technology can be used to dry herbs, fruits and vegetables.

Fresh Products

Longer shelf life (100%)
Improved quality

Flower cuttings

Longer storage time
Better growing


Pulsed electric field (PEF) & vacuum impregnation (VI)

Frozen Products

Better appearance after freezing

Dried Products

Shorter drying time
Better aroma and structure

The OptiFreeze Process

The unique OptiFreeze process, called OptiCept™, is a processing system consisting of a vacuum impregnation machine and a PEF machine with vegetables, fruits, berries and herbs passing on a conveyor belt.

For a quick overview please check out our process presentation.

The First Newsletter of OptiFreeze & Syngenta Flowers

OptiFreeze and Syngenta Flowers are publishing a common newsletter starting from this month. The first edition of the newsletter is about “an Introduction to OptiFreeze Technology for Flowers”. 
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OptiFreeze Newsletter 4

 In our fourth newsletter, I would like to give a status update about the OptiFlower project, the trials in Kenya, the change in management and some other subjects. 
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OptiFreeze AB: Change in management

OptiFreeze CEO Eda Demir Westman will temporarily leave the role as CEO due to her pregnancy. She will be replaced by Ulf Hagman during her parental leave.
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