During the summer the company proved that the OptiCept technology was scalable to industrial production capacities. With the delivery of the pilot production line the customer dialogue was taken to another level. It is now time to market Optifreeze OptiCept technology wider.

“The first step towards a successful sale is that we together with the customer verify our result on their products. This is typically done at our site in Lund. After that we will run tests at the customer site, close to the real production environment. When we do that there must be a clear intention to buy a complete line.” Says Göran Hedbys

Since 20 of October Optifreeze has signed on Ulf Hansson as our sales responsible. Ulf has long experience in B2B sales and will bring sales competence into the company. The short-term focus is to market Optifreeze on a broader scale, increase the customer base and get additional customers into the sales process described above.