Patents were granted in all countries applied by the company. All patents were granted in 2013.

The method on which OptiFreeze bases its business idea is complex, and the result of many years worth of research and method development. In order to succeed, product specific concentrations and compounds of the substances used are required. Furthermore, sequences of pressure, underpressure and rest, in combination with a CEPT® treatment, are required. Overall, this means that the method requires very extensive insights for it to be copied. Despite this, the board judges the granted patent to be important for the protection of the company, the shareholders as well as the clients opting to invest in the technology. The patent protects equipment, method and final product.

An additional patent application was submitted in March 2015; this application rests on a discovery enabling the durability of fresh vegetables, fruits, berries and herbs to be prolonged using cooling only. This innovation opens up a number of new business opportunities for OptiFreeze and our collaboration partners. This new method means that food companies as well as consumers can now store products longer than they are able to today, which in turn leads to higher business profitability as well as reduced food waste.