OptiCept™ is a product line consisting of chambers of vegetables, fruits, berries and herbs passing on a conveyor belt. Within a chamber, the food is subjected to short high-voltage pulses which open up the cells, enabling these to absorb natural anti-freeze proteins and sugars.

The food enters from the left, packed in trays (1). These are then washed off using a washing system (2), so as to remove any loose dirt particles. The trays are then stacked using a stacking facility (3). When the stack is full, it is moved into the infusion and processing bath (4). A separate module (5) contains the regulation system which handles the processing chamber pressure as well as the CEPT® generator, which distributes the PEF pulses to the individual trays immersed in the pressurized chamber. Featured here is also the mixer creating a perfectly balanced compound of anti-freeze proteins, sugars and water, set at the right temperature. After processing and resting, the entire stack of trays is then lifted up onto the feeder (6).

The OptiCap™ cartridge (7) carrying the pre-mixed substance compund is placed on top of the production line. The product trays are then fed out using a conveyor belt and transported through a freeze tunnel (9), onto an additional conveyor belt (10) to a product packer (11), alternately forwarded to other production processes.