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OptiFreeze’s sales offering consists of two main products:

  • OptiCept-processing equipment
  • OptiCap cartridges

OptiCept-processing equipment

OptiCept™ is the processing system consisting of a vacuum impregnation machine and a PEF machine for vegetables, fruits, berries and herbs passing on a conveyor belt.

Vacuum impregnation system

It treats products with a very accurately controlled pressure to replace air in vegetables with an optimized amount of ingredient. It mixes powder with water into a solution, which is inserted into the vacuum chamber. It can treat 650 liters in each batch which takes 10 to 15 minutes.

The system has the size 1400 x 3000 x 2000 mm and is connected with 16A three-phase, 6 bar air pressure and fresh water.


The mixer blends powder and fresh water into a solution. The powder is poured into a funnel and is quickly blended with the water.

Vacuum chamber

The products are placed in boxes and are inserted into the chamber. Vacuum is introduced and the chamber is filled and emptied with a solution.

PEF System

It treats products continuously in a water flow with high voltage pulses. The products are fed with a conveyor into the water. After the treatment the water is separated from the products with a conveyor. The customer can collect the products in boxes or with an additional conveyor belt. The water flow and water level is regulated. The water conductivity is controlled by diluting with fresh water. It can treat up to 5 tons/hour depending on product.

The system has the size 3100 x 1200 x 1800 mm plus the generator. It is connected with three-phase 16A, fresh water and 6 bar air pressure.

Generator has its own power supply and has the size 1300 x 700 x 2200 mm. The generator has minimum 8kV and 4kW, but can be increased depending on customer needs.

PEF chamber

The PEF chamber has a unique and patented shape, which creates a uniform and efficient treatment. The electrodes are of stainless steel.

OptiCap cartridges

OptiCap™ is a cartridge which is filled with natural sugars and anti-freeze proteins. The anti-freeze substance will carry specific concentrations and compounds required for reaching an optimal result for each different type of food.