The PEF System (Pulsed Electric Field System) is now received at OptiFreeze and the tests are being done successfully.  The control system works as expected and it creates a stable environment for treating products in a large scale. It is possible to treat more than 1000 liters of a certain product per hour. Several different products as rucola, paprika and melon were tested with the new system. Depending on the product characterization, it’s possible to achieve a treatment rate that is several times higher than 1000 liters.

The PEF Chamber is designed in a unique way and creates a very homogenous exposure to the electrical field while keeping a high product flow. This makes it possible to treat products in a large scale. The PEF tests show that the same results are achieved in the large scale as in the controlled lab scale.

The pulse generator from Arc Aroma Pure works well with the system and can deliver the pulses needed for the different products. The integration of the generator into the system has worked successfully.

The next steps are to verify the results further, to fine-tune the optimization of the system and to make sure that the system ready for a successful product launch. The full-scale pilot plant is ready to start customer testing from 1 of September 2017.