New method for drying leaf spices improves flavour, aroma and colour

Through a collaboration with scientists at the Lund Technical University, OptiFreeze AB has found and evaluated a third area of application for the company ? the drying of leaf spices. Evaluations have shown a better preservation of aromas, flavours and colours, as well as reduced drying time.

Using the same method as for freezing – cooling, vacuum impregnation and pulsating electric fields – the company has been able to prove reductions in drying times by 30 to 50 per cent. Apart from the reduced drying times, there are a number of additional benefits to be gained by using the OptiFreeze technology before drying. Analyses have shown flavouring substances otherwise disappearing to remain in the leaves, as well as improved flavour and colour preservation in the dried leaves.

The company will develop this new area of use further, with the goal of ? in collaboration with a suitable partner ? carrying out tests on new products and, most importantly, analysing and gathering new market understandings, with the purpose of facilitating the sales of the company products OptiCept and OptiCap. For some time, the company has been in contact with companies specialized in dried spices, and the response has been positive. The processing of leaf spices before drying may be carried out using the same OptiCept and OptiCap methods as when processing vegetables, fruits and berries before freezing or cooling.