Lund, September 12, 2017                                                                       




Memorandum, teaser and application form publishing


The OptiFreeze AB (publ) board of directors has issued a memorandum regarding the impending pre-emption shares issue, as published on September 1, 2017. Due to the pre-emption shares issue – which starts on September 13, 2017 – an issue memorandum, teaser and application is hereby published on the company ( and AktieTorget websites (

Offer summary

  • Subscription period: September 13 – September 27, 2017.
  • Pre-emption privilege: Per existing stock, 1 (one) subscription privilege is granted. 7 (seven) subscription privileges entitle the holder to the subscription of 1 (one) share.
  • Subscription price: SEK14.30 per share. No courtage.
  • Record date end pre-emption privilege: The record date was September 8, 2017. The final date for OptiFreeze shares trading, including the right to subscription privileges, was September 6, 2017. The starting date for trading, exclusive of the right to subscription privileges, was September 7, 2017.
  • Issue volume: No more than 1,225,714 shares.
  • In the case of a full pre-emption shares subscription, the Company will initially receive appr. MSEK17.5 before issuing and guarantee costs, expected to amount to appr. MSEK2.1; of this amount, the guarantee costs are expected to comprise appr. MSEK0.6.
  • OptiFreeze has obtained subscription and guarantee commitments amounting to appr. MSEK14, equalling some 80 per cent of the pre-emption issue.
  • Number of shares before the pre-emption issue: 8,580,000 shares.
  • Subscription privileges trading: Subscription privileges are traded through AktieTorget from September 13 – September 25, 2017.
  • Paid subscription shares trading: Paid subscription shares are traded through AktieTorget starting September 13, 2017 and until the pre-emption issue is registered by Bolagsverket, expected in late October of 2017.


Subscription and guarantee commitments

OptiFreeze has received subscription commitments amounting to appr. MSEK6.9, as well as guarantee commitments amounting to appr. MSEK7.1, equalling some 80 per cent of the pre-emption issue. Amongst others, the subscription commitments stem from the major OptiFreeze owner Arc Aroma Pure AB, as well as from some of its board and research department members. Subscription commitments carry no remuneration. A cash commission is paid in accordance with the guarantee agreements, stipulating 8 (eight) per cent on the amount guaranteed. The set commitments are not guaranteed, whether through bank guarantees, financial barriers, hypothecation or any similar arrangement(s).



The financial advisor with regard to the pre-emption issue is Corpura Fondkommission AB, and the Company legal advisor is Fredersen Advokatbyrå AB. The issuing agency is Aqurat Fondkommission AB.


For additional information, please contact

OptiFreeze AB
Göran Hedbys, Chairman of the Board

Tel.: 073-529 95 44

Email address:


About OptiFreeze

OptiFreeze’s patented technology enables the preservation of flavor, shape and structure in vegetables, fruits, berries and herbs through the entire freezing and thawing processes. An additional company method increases the preservability in refrigerated products. This method may also be used in order to reduce leaf spices drying times, while at the same time improving flavor, aroma and colour. This method opens up new business opportunities for growers, distributors and food business operators around the world. The company method allows for vegetable, fruit, berry and herb cells to absorb natural sugars that preserve flavors, forms and structures. OptiFreeze is the result of several years’ worth of research carried out at the Lund University food technology department. The company headquarter is located in Lund, Sweden, and the company is listed on the AktieTorget stock exchange.