Summarizing the year

During 2017 Optifreeze took a huge leap forward in terms of commercializing our technology. The financing has been secured and will give us the possibility to speed up marketing and sales activities. During the second half of the year we have focused on marketing the company and our products to new possible customers and with the industrial pilot line available the reaction from the customers have been over whelming.


We are now having concrete discussions with customers in all our focused customer segments. That spans from proof of concept to industrial testing. These are all large players and the dialogue with them started after the summer. In December we finalized testing at a customer site in Europe, a customer active in the segment OptiDry. The test went well and met the targets we set out to reach. We will in January meet the customer and discuss next step(s). The first contact with this customer happened beginning of September, and then testing at their site was done in December. This is an exceptional fast process!!! Unfortunately, we cannot expect the same speed from all our customers, but it shows the benefit our technology can offer.

Sales process:

We did work with our customer base and during the autumn decide on a customer segmentation and which customers to focus on. This has helped us in our work moving forward. We also clarified the sales process we have, when taking a customer from proof of concept to commercial orders. In this process we are quite firm on having co-financing by the customer. This to confirm the real interest from their side. This has so far not met any negative reaction from the customers we talk to, on the contrary.

The OptiCept line:

The business model was sharpened and the design of the OptiCept was further developed. Especially the final product specification of the Vacuum Impregnation (VI) part has been set. We now know exactly how the additives automatically will be added in the VI line. The OptiCap will be sold as powder in bags, unique to each vegetable, stickling or fruit. From a customer perspective, this is a simple and easy solution.

Next Year

We are starting 2018 strong. Many customer meetings are planned, and customer tests will accelerate. The structure is in place, the products and business model are in place and the new management is ready to go and all fired up. We are very confident in delivering what we have promised to do during 2018 and the years to follow that. Hard and exciting work lays in front of us. It is with warms hands I hand over the MD job to Eda and goes back to my “normal” positions as chairman of the board.

With that I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year

Göran Hedbys

MD of Optifreeze