Area of application

Using the OptiFreeze technology, the existing food company products can be refined and new food products offered to the market. Consequently, the OptiFreeze technology will be able to contribute to the market share and profitability increase of the companies using our technology. Our two products, OptiCept™ and OptiCap™, are used regardless of whether the purpose is the freezing or the cooling of products. The development of the usage areas is an ongoing process.



Produktion1The usage areas open to our technology are large. One example is food companies wanting to add frozen vegetables or herbs to frozen convenience meals. Another example consists of companies selling pastry products wanting to offer frozen cakes and pastries to the market, products consisting of fruits and berries that normally do not bear freezing.

Our method can be applied to a number of different products. Our focus is on vegetables, fruits, berries and herbs ans spices that normally do not bear freezing. On a daily basis, the company works on the broadening and deepening of their product map, meaning that the number of products able to undergo this process method increases for each month.


The combination of the company method and refrigeration storage means that the durability of products can be improved. The durability of the products tested has been prolonged by a few days, products remaining fresh for a longer time than was previously possible. The processed, final product may be used in, for instance, chilled convenience meals, salads and pastry products. Our new method can contribute to increased profits of food companies and to reduced food waste.


Additional application areas

The company estimates that more areas of application may be added, areas in which our OptiCept™ and OptiCap™ products may be used for processing different products for various purposes.