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In OptiFreeze, we constantly strive to innovate in order to develop solutions that maximize the benefits not only for our partners and costumers but also for the environment.

We work consistently with our partners to find new and efficient processing ways to reduce the energy consumption and minimize the food waste.

  • OptiDry, provides holistic solutions that enhances product quality with less energy needed.
  • OptiFresh and OptiFlower give the opportunity to costumers to prolong the life of fruits, vegetables and cuttings and contribute to the global efforts to reduce food waste.

Our environmental efforts do not limit on what we do through our partners only, but we are also environmentally active inside the company. Our mentality is that every small thing matters, therefore, shorting out trash, driving a natural gas car and ordering sensible amounts of fruits, vegetables and cuttings for our tests, based on our needs in order to reduce food waste, are some of the actions that we are happy taking.

We strive to be part of reducing global food waste, e.g iceberg lettuce