Board and CEO


CEO – Fredrik Westman

Bild FWMr was born in 1972 and has been the CEO of OptiFreeze since March of 2014. He has extensive experience in strategic B2B communications focused on complicated products and services, for instance IT, Life Science and Clean Tech. Previously, mr Westman has worked in internal and external communications at the Swedish parliament, and was also a PR company manager in both Stockholm and the Skåne region in the south of Sweden. Mr Westman previously was a board member at Arc Aroma Pure Ab; he is also the co-owner and board member of a limited Life Science company. The focal areas of mr Westman include strategic and financial communications and marketing.


Chairman – Martin Linde

MARTIN LINDE_LinkedInMr Martin Linde was born in 1971 and has been the chairman of OptiFreeze since June of 2015. Mr Linde has vast food industry experience and previously held senior positions at Unilever, Orkla and Atria, amongst other companies. His focal points have included sales and marketing. Mr Linde has also acted as manager of an investment firm, thereby acquiring experience in financial matters. Mr Linde is the chairman of Acousort and a committed board member of three further boards of directors. The focal areas of mr Linde include strategy, company development and commercialisation.


Board member – Pär Henriksson

1-300x1982Mr Pär Henriksson (born 1954) is one of the co-founders of OptiFreeze AB. He was also one of the founders of Arc Aroma Pure AB (Publ.) and has been a board member of that company since June of 2008. Up until the summer of 2013, mr Henriksson was the CEO of OptiFreeze. A long-time inventor and innovator, mr Henriksson has vast experiences in company management, product development with clear research connections (in particular, Life Sciences), industrial controls, certification and regulatory demands. Amongs other things, mr Henriksson has worked in marketing as well as with various tools for introducing new products onto the market. In addition, he is co-owner of the ISO certified company Henriksson och Konsultpartners AB and a co-founder of Clinical Laserthermia AB. The main focal areas of mr Henriksson include certification matters, project management and development; he does, however, also carry vast marketing and production experience.


Board member – Anders Hättmark

Anders-HättmarkMr Anders Hättmark (born 1961), has been a permanent board member of OptiFreeze AB since it was founded. Previously, mr Hättmark was a board member of Arc Aroma Pure AB (Publ). Mr Hättmark has vast experience of leading official recruitment and company and organization business development. He is widely connected within the business community, focusing mainly on the food sector. He is also well-connected within the financial and public sectors. The focal areas of mr Hättmark include markets and business development.


Board member – prof. Petr Dejmek

Dejmek-253x3001Mr Petr Dejmek has studied Mechanical Engineering in former Czechoslovakia, Process Engineering in Germany, and Food Technology in Sweden. After finishing his dissertation in Lund, Sweden, mr Dejmek worked in Product Development for Alfa Laval in Sweden and Denmark. Since 1989, mr Dejmek has been a professor at the Lund University, Sweden, and was also a guest professor in the United States, in France and in Japan. He has also published over one hundred scientific works, and was also the editor of a scientific journal. The ideas or mr Dejmek comprise the basis of two university spin-off companies, Speximo and OptiFreeze.



Deputy – Prof. Ingegerd Sjöholm

Mrs Ingegerd Sjöholm (born 1949) is an Associate Professor at the Food Technology Department at the Lund University, Lund, Sweden. Holding four patents, mrs Sjöholm has published a vast number of scientific articles and books, and was also mentor to a number of postgraduate students. Mrs Sjöholm has vast experience of industry-related and product-oriented research and development, and has been a board member of OptiFreeze since May of 2011.