We improve taste and reduce foodwaste

OptiFreeze AB is a Swedish public company listed at the Small Cap AktieTorget. OptiFreeze currently has approximately 2.000 shareholders and owns a patented technology that enhances taste, shape and texture of fruit and vegetables throughout the freezing and de-freezing (thawing) process.

OptiFreeze has furthermore developed a method that can improve shelf life of fresh cut fruit and vegetables. Also the shelf life of flower cuttings can be significantly improved. The same technology can be used to dry herbs, while enhancing taste, smell and colour. The technology provides new business opportunities for food processors and distributors all around the world. The cryoprotectants used in the process regenerate cells, which enhances the taste, shape, texture and shelf life. 





OptiFreeze was founded in 2011 by Arc Aroma Pure AB (publ), Lund University (LU) Innovation and several researchers at the Department of Food Technology at Lund University.

Today, the OptiFreeze team consists of 9 employees dedicated to research and commercialization of the unique OptiFreeze solutions.